Kiron Open Higher Education (Kiron)

Since 2015, Kiron has been offering free online learning opportunities to refugees and underserved communities. We believe that education can change lives, transform communities, and build bridges. That’s why we created the online learning platform Kiron Campus, so we can ensure that our students receive free access to high-quality education for academic, professional and personal growth.

Kiron offers custom-made online study programs using massive open online courses (MOOCs) from renowned educational providers and Open Educational Resources (OER’s). In addition, we provide short programs to prepare learners for the jobs market. We want to empower students with knowledge, skills, and network they need for future success.

Kiron has offices in Germany, Lebanon, and Jordan. In addition to our digital offerings, we are supporting students in Lebanon and Jordan through blended learning opportunities – the combination of offline- and online education. We also work closely with partners from higher education institutions to see more non-formal credit recognition. Kiron has therefore developed quality assurance principles in alignment with international standards.

Within the SUCCESS project, Kiron recruits refugee students, familiarizes them with the project, coordinates and carries out the collection of data for empirical analyses, and communicates the results of the project to the students to stimulate individual reflection on their academic progress.