Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) coordinates the SUCCESS project and the evaluation of its effectiveness. This involves analyzing the efficacy of individual measures implemented in the project as well as the efficacy of the overall project. Accordingly, successful entry of Kiron students into the job market is monitored. The results should indicate the efficacy of measures taken over the course of the SUCCESS project – making a significant contribution to the extremely scarce research in this field – and provide possible guidelines for stakeholders involved in higher education and higher education politics.

Another research focus of the SUCCESS sub-project at the JGU Mainz is objective, valid, and reliable assessment of Kiron students’ competencies. The students’ knowledge and skills upon beginning their studies through Kiron are analyzed and the development of their domain-specific knowledge in the different phases of their studies is traced. Internationally validated test instruments are used in the SUCCESS project to obtain information on person-related and institution-related factors influencing the refugees’ academic success in the five tracks of study and across various phases of study.