For students with a refugee background

Kiron Open Higher Education (Kiron) is a non-profit ed-tech organization that promotes digital solutions to enable refugees’ access to free higher education. To overcome barriers refugees often face, e.g. language barriers or missing documents and certificates, refugees can start studying by participating in an online study program based on Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Kiron combines up to two years of online studies with two years of on-campus studies at one of Kiron’s partner state universities. The aim is for students to apply and get transferred to a regular offline study program at a partner university, where they complete their third and fourth year of a bachelor’s degree.

After the registration process, which includes an educational-social background questionnaire, a language and intelligence (IQ) test and some domain-specific tests, refugees can enroll in one of five study tracks at Kiron.  Participating in entry diagnostics and a self-assessment in the context of the SUCCESS project can help them choose a suitable study program: Students receive important information about the content of the study program and the requirements they have to fulfill. Moreover, they are encouraged to reflect upon their interests, strengths, and weaknesses, which helps them prepare for the study program.